Sunday, January 30, 2011


"Women do not take longer to orgasm than men; The majority of the women in Kinsey’s study masturbated to orgasm within four minutes, similar to the men in this study."- Shere Hite

The female orgasm is the peak of a woman’s sexual arousal. It is the involuntary rhythmic contracting of the lower pelvic muscles, and sometimes causes spasms in other parts of the body, such as the limbs. The female orgasm doesn’t normally produce any fluid like a man’s, but some women experience what is called “female ejaculation,” a gushing of fluid upon orgasm.

The result of an orgasm is usually a feeling of relaxation, thought to be connected to the release of prolactin into the bloodstream. Oxytocin, another chemical released during arousal and orgasm, is thought to be responsible for pleasant feelings during and after sex, including the sense of feeling emotionally close to your partner. Scientists are trying to figure out if this chemical is responsible for human partnering habits.

A female orgasm is brought into being via sexual stimulation of some kind. A high percentage of women find it difficult to orgasm with penetration alone, and require clitoral stimulation. This specific stimulation can be achieved in many ways; for example, in the missionary position, the man’s pubic bone and hair may stimulate the clitoris enough to bring about an orgasm.

Every woman is unique in what brings her to orgasm.

Female Orgasm on AM

Some women find it very difficult to orgasm. This can be due to a variety of reasons, however, the main one is that the touch just hasn’t been in the right place, whether it's from penetrative sex, or from hands, the mouth or some other object. The female orgasm, much ignored in the past as women were not recognized as sexual beings, has been brought into the light and more attention is now focused on the sexual pleasure of women.

The female orgasm has been made out to be the be-all-and-end-all of a sexual encounter. This pressure has encouraged men and women to get more creative in their sexual escapades, helping to ensure more orgasms. But because this doesn't always work out the way it was intended, many women are still living their lives orgasmless, and their partners feel inadequate. Women are encouraged to masturbate on their own to learn what sort of touch brings them to orgasm most easily, then share this with their partners.

Female Orgasm Fact

Of 82% of women who said they masturbated in a survey conducted by Hite Research International, 95% could orgasm easily and regularly, whenever they wanted.